“The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”

"One-stop Concept"

In 1996 I have developed a One-Stop Concept for providing web based financial services to consumers using primarily direct response and affinity marketing methods. The Company, Pace Financial Network, started and licensed an insurance brokerage in 45 states, a mortgage banking company in 40 states, as well as a broker dealer in the first 18 months of operation. As an IBM eBusiness partner I helped design and market a multi-million dollar leading edge financial products and services platform, ultimately developing a distribution channel of over 1,000 nationwide affinity groups as well as brand name financial service partners and Universities to participate in service provisioning. The Company was subsequently sold to Ameritrade.

"Countrywide Funding"

In 1992 I led Countrywide Funding, then the nation’s largest lender, into telephony-based mortgage banking, focusing on generating new customers for the company without impacting the efforts of the retail origination group. I pioneered such current common use practices as affinity group marketing, TV and Radio direct response for mortgage origination, extended service hours and streamlined processing procedures, generating $1.4 billion dollars in new mortgages in the first twelve months of operation, an industry record.

"Most Admirable Report"

Smart CEO Magazine

I was profiled by Smart CEO Magazine as one of the “20 Leaders We Admire in Washington, D.C.

Finland Report

I was singled out by the Government of Finland in their study on innovation as a “Shining example of US Innovation.

Irish Report

MyBizHomepage/Five Plus was singled out by a leading Irish research firm as one of 6 SaaS plays to watch worldwide.