"Never, Never, Never Give up."

– Winston Churchill

About Peter Justen I am a serial entrepreneur with a 25-year record of developing companies from concept to profit, with a particular focus on driving efficiencies to large and inefficient markets. Passionate about Global Entrepreneurship, Small Business & Education for America's Youth. I have a deep appreciation for the role that small businesses play in sustaining our economy and the hands-on knowledge and insight that entrepreneurs need to build a thriving organization.

I am the former Chairman of the Entrepreneurship Institute and Advisory Board of the Harry F. Byrd School of Business, Shenandoah University, recently ranked in the top 10% of business schools worldwide.

As the founder of Washington DC based MyBizHomepage, now marketed as Five Plus Trax, I designed and built the industry’s first small business financial intelligence engine, helping thousands of small businesses better understand and thus react to changes in their financial information in real time, and in “English” not “accounting”. MyBizHomepage is endorsed by the leading Small Business influencers in the United States, and has gained significant international recognition. As CEO, I am responsible for business development, strategic planning and implementation, and brings with him a successful background capitalizing on driving efficiencies to large but large, inefficient markets.

In the dot-com era I created an Internet company, POWERWorx Online, that included dial-up connectivity for business and residential users services, corporate and affinity group web hosting and co-location services growing the company from 6 employees to 550 in 18 months. The Company’s services were marketed through affinity partners totaling in excess of 75 million households who “re-sell” the dial-up service. Clients included Sony Signature, Lycos, RE/MAX, Fleet Bank and Credit Card Services, Cendant and others. I oversaw the acquisitions of 5 companies to round out the product offerings with a total head count of 500+ with a market capitalization of $1.2 billion.